It’s Time to Trick or Treat in Grass Valley

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batman marioSafe trick or treating is a tradition here in our beautiful town of Grass Valley. Starting several years ago, the local merchants along with the Grass Valley Downtown Association got together and decided to create a Halloween for all to enjoy. Shop owners were asked to decorate their shops with festive and sometimes creepy decorations, dress in costume and hand out candy to the parade of passersby. Moms, Dad’s, grandparents and friends accompany Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Snow White, Cinderella, Wonder Woman, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Darth Vader, cowboys and policeman and hundreds and hundreds of other imaginative characters as they walk along Mill and Main Street to gather their treasures. The parade of trick or treaters grows every year as Halloween is becoming more and more popular. Here at Cirino’s at Main Street our entire crew gets into the spirit as they serve our guests lunch and dinner. Bowls of candy are placed about so an eager hand can slyly reach in and grab a treat or two. The rest of the candy is for the children. M & M’s, Snickers, BabyRuths, MikyWays, MilkDuds, Starbursts, KitKats and Tootsie Rolls make their way into each bag, bucket or pillow case. It is so much fun and such a delight to watch the shy little boy or girl follow his or her parents’ lead to say ,”trick or treat”. Sometimes they can do it, sometimes they just can’t and every once in a while a tiny tear rolls its way down a cheek. Two years ago, we decided to add a treat for the adult trick or treaters as they guided their kids around town. This particular treat does, indeed, have a trick attached…”it’ll change your life”. If you are feeling adventurous and want to taste the Best Bloody Mary ever, stop on by and grab a sample. We serve the real deal in our bar and of course, in the restaurant. This particular treat gives the parent a bit of a kick to get around town and puts a big smile on their face. It is such an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an amazing town. The spirit and support that exist here among the downtown purveyors is magical. Working together to make the big picture even more spectacular is what we are all about. Giving to the community is a huge part of that magic. It is why people choose to live here. So, stop on by tomorrow and enjoy a treat or come in and celebrate Halloween as a participant or merely as an audience member watching a rite of passage. We would love to have you.

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